Aims & Scope

Nature Mental Health takes an expansive view of the relationship between mental health and human health. Not only is mental health a human right and essential to an individual’s wellbeing, but also the mental health of individuals is a crucial component for the positive functioning and flourishing of families, communities and societies.

Bringing together innovative investigation of the neurobiological and psychological factors that underpin psychiatric disorders to contemporary work examining the effects of public health crises, Nature Mental Health is the multidisciplinary nexus for high-quality, high-impact research on mental health and disorders of mental health. With the rigor and independence of Nature Portfolio’s editorial standards, Nature Mental Health is committed to promoting scholarly research, increasing discourse and reinforcing connections among the members of the mental health community around the world. The journal is firmly committed to advancing equity — racial and ethnic, gender, social, global — as part of our core mission.
Nature Mental Health publishes original research Articles, Reviews, Perspectives, Comments, Correspondence and commissioned content from the breadth of sciences exploring mental health and disorders of mental health, including psychology, psychiatry, epidemiology and public health. Like other Nature research journals, Nature Mental Health does not have an external advisory board; all editorial decisions are made by a team of full-time professional editors.

Disciplines/topics considered by Nature Mental Health include, but are not limited to:
Addiction medicine
Biological psychiatry
Cognitive psychology
Child and adolescent psychiatry
Clinical trials
Clinical neuroscience
Cross-cultural psychology
Death and dying
Eating disorders
Emergency psychiatry
Global mental health
Health economics
HIV/AIDS and mental health
Learning disabilities
Military psychiatry
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Personality psychology
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Workplace psychology