Aslan Miriyev, Mirko Kovac / Empa and Imperial College London

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Nature Machine Intelligence is an online-only journal for research and perspectives from the fast-moving fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. Launched in january 2019.

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  • Editorial |

    Artificial intelligence can be defined as intelligence demonstrated by machines. But what counts as intelligence, and how intelligence is implemented in different kinds of machines, robots and software varies across disciplines and over time.

  • Comment |

    Synthesizing robots via physical artificial intelligence is a multidisciplinary challenge for future robotics research. An education methodology is needed for researchers to develop a combination of skills in physical artificial intelligence.

    • Aslan Miriyev
    •  & Mirko Kovač
  • News & Views |

    Microrobots can interact intelligently with their environment and complete specific tasks by well-designed incorporation of responsive materials. Recent work demonstrates how swarms of microbots with specifically tuned surface chemistry can remove a hormone pollutant from a solution by coalescing it into a web.

    • Dongdong Jin
    •  & Li Zhang
  • News & Views |

    Autonomous driving technology is improving, although doubts about their reliability remain. Controllers based on compact neural architectures could help improve their interpretability and robustness.

    • Michael Milford
  • Comment |

    Addressing the problems caused by AI applications in society with ethics frameworks is futile until we confront the political structure of such applications.

    • Jathan Sadowski
    •  & Mark Andrejevic

About the Journal

  • Nature Machine Intelligence aims to bring different fields together in the study, engineering and application of intelligent machines. We publish research on a large variety of topics in machine learning, robotics, cognitive science and a range of AI approaches. We also provide a platform for comments and reviews to discuss emerging inter-disciplinary themes as well as the significant impact that machine intelligence has on other fields in science and on society.

  • Nature Machine Intelligence publishes original research as Articles. We also publish a range of other content types including Reviews, Perspectives, Comments, Correspondences, News & Views and Feature articles.

  • Nature Machine Intelligence is run by a team of full-time editors. The Chief Editor is Liesbeth Venema who was previously a physics editor at Nature. Trenton Jerde started in March 2018, Yann Sweeney joined in July and Jacob Huth joined in November 2018, completing the team.

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