January 2023 Issue

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Singh, S.H., van Breugel, F., Rao, R.P.N. et al. Emergent behaviour and neural dynamics in artificial agents tracking odour plumes. 

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  • Despite the promise of medical artificial intelligence applications, their acceptance in real-world clinical settings is low, with lack of transparency and trust being barriers that need to be overcome. We discuss the importance of the collaborative process in medical artificial intelligence, whereby experts from various fields work together and tackle transparency issues and build trust over time.

    • Annamaria Carusi
    • Peter D. Winter
    • Andy Swift
  • The organizers of the EvalRS recommender systems competition argue that accuracy should not be the only goal and explain how they took robustness and fairness into account.

    • Jacopo Tagliabue
    • Federico Bianchi
    • Patrick John Chia
    Challenge Accepted
  • To fully leverage big data, they need to be shared across institutions in a manner compliant with privacy considerations and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Federated machine learning is a promising option.

    • Alissa Brauneck
    • Louisa Schmalhorst
    • Gabriele Buchholtz
  • Guidelines are urgently needed for the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT in scientific writing.

  • 2022 has seen eye-catching developments in AI applications. Work is needed to ensure that ethical reflection and responsible publication practices are keeping pace.