Nature Italy is a standalone digital magazine that reports on scientific research, and issues of science policy, in Italy. Stories will be relevant to researchers and a wider audience of people interested in science.

Through a mixture of research highlights, science news and feature stories written by science journalists, readers will be able to keep up with the latest Italian research. Nature Italy also offers opinion pieces and commentaries, providing a platform for the scientific community to provide their perspectives on scientific matters.

All stories are published in English and Italian, bringing coverage of research in Italy to a global audience but also allowing Italians to read in their own language.

Nature Italy is published by Nature Portfolio, part of Springer Nature and is free to access at nature.com/natitaly. Nature Italy is produced with financial support from a consortium of partners. Nature Portfolio has sole responsibility for all editorial content. About this content. Nature Italy is not a peer-reviewed journal and will not consider primary research articles for publication.