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Volume 5 Issue 9, September 2021

Percolation of information on social media

How does information percolate through real- world social networks? Xie et al. directly observe phase transitions in large-scale social media data and find that the positive-feedback coevolution between users’ activity level and network structure greatly increases spreading power.

See Xie et al.

Cover image: Igor Kisselev / Alamy Stock Photo. Cover design: Bethany Vukomanovic.


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News & Views

  • The ethics of research into the genetics of sexuality is not straightforward. A new study by Zietsch et al. investigates a hypothesis for the evolutionary basis of same-sex sexual behaviour. This increases our understanding of the genetics of complex behaviour, raising questions about whether and how such knowledge should be used.

    • Julian Savulescu
    • Brian D. Earp
    • Udo Schuklenk
    News & Views
  • Biobanks facilitate large-scale tests of hypotheses that may advance health, but whether biobanking participants adequately comprehend the potential uses of their data should concern researchers and the public. Consent matters because it provides a singular safeguard and a participatory mechanism to influence science’s production of new forms of power.

    • Elizabeth Bromley
    • Dmitry Khodyakov
    News & Views
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  • Peters and Kriegeskorte review the behavioural and neural-network-modelling literature on object-based visual representations. They call for new tasks that will bridge research in cognitive sciences and engineering in this domain.

    • Benjamin Peters
    • Nikolaus Kriegeskorte
    Review Article
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