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    This collection presents original research evaluating the replicability of twenty-one social science experiments published in Nature and Science between 2010 and 2015 and the responses from eight authors of the original studies whose effects did not replicate (according to the criteria proposed by the replicating authors).
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    Cooperation lies at the heart of human lives and society. Understanding how and when it succeeds and fails is key to solving global challenges. In this Focus issue, we pull together papers from across the journal's broad disciplinary scope to understand the state of knowledge on cooperation and highlight future research directions.
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    As of January 25, 2018, the NIH, the biggest funder of biomedical research in the world, is implementing policy changes which will affect the majority of US laboratories working with human subjects. We think it is vital for all parties, external stakeholders and the public to engage in an informed, productive debate about these developments to identify issues and opportunities. In this special collection of commissioned opinion pieces, representatives of international funding agencies and science regulators, non-profit organizations and think tanks, and leading basic and clinical researchers in the US and Europe contribute novel, thought-provoking arguments. In an accompanying Q&A, Michael Lauer of the NIH addresses questions regarding the implementation and gives advice on future grant applications.
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    The 2017 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, in honouring the work of Richard H. Thaler, highlights the growing impact of behavioural economics in science and policy. To mark the occasion, we have put together this collection of behavioural economics articles published this year in Nature Human Behaviour. From a typology of nudges for health-related behaviour change to an examination of under what conditions people will cooperate in order to sustain a public good, the research and opinion published in our pages exemplifies some of the key contributions this fast growing field is making to science and policy.
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