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  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has wreaked death and destruction in the country, with impacts that reverberate worldwide. This Focus highlights the voices of Ukrainian scientists — at home and abroad — and provides insights into the many effects of the war.

  • Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine showcases substantial challenges, especially to international humanitarian and criminal law and human rights. It also calls for an urgent revisiting of the role of the United Nations Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security, and of the security architecture in Europe and worldwide.

    • Sergey Sayapin
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought into stark relief the role that fossil fuels can play in conflict. Leading Ukrainian climate scientist Svitlana Krakovska talks of the terrors of the war in Ukraine and how divesting from fossil fuels will bring humanity onto a safer path towards a sustainable future.

    • Marike Schiffer
  • Korrine Sky, a British Zimbabwean student who fled Ukraine after the Russian invasion, writes about the racism and discrimination against people of colour fleeing Ukraine.

    • Korrine Sky
    World View
Coronaviruses floating in a city.

COVID-19 and human behaviour

Human behaviour has been critical in shaping the COVID-19 pandemic, and the actions of individuals, groups, nation states and international bodies all have a role to play in curbing its spread. This means that insights from behavioural, social and health sciences are and will continue to be invaluable throughout the course of the pandemic. In this Focus, we bring together original research and expert viewpoints from a broad spectrum of disciplines that provide insight into the causes, impacts, and mitigation of the pandemic, highlighting how research on individual and collective behaviour can contribute to an effective response.


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