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    The rapid development of generative AI has brought about a paradigm shift in content creation, knowledge representation and communication. This Focus explores the new opportunities AI tools offer for science and society. Our authors also confront the numerous challenges intelligent machines pose and explore strategies to tackle them.

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    Lack of diversity, equity and inclusion is harmful both for individual scientists and the scientific enterprise as a whole. The contributions in this collection highlight problems and propose solutions on how to make science more equitable, inclusive and diverse for the benefit of all.

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  • Mentorship from experienced peers critically improves individual career development and satisfaction in academia, but we have little information on how researchers are supported. We identify and recommend strategies for faculty members, departments, institutions and funders to ensure sustained excellence in academic mentorship.

    • Sarvenaz Sarabipour
    • Paul Macklin
    • Natalie M. Niemi
  • Behavioural scientists want to see more consideration of context — so why are they not using tools derived from ecology, the science of all life in context? We invite behavioural scientists to align the science of human behaviour with that of behavioural ecology.

    • Marlen Z. Gonzalez
    • Marissa A. Rice
  • Causal inference is needed to understand whether conservation is working. There is a substantial role for behavioural science, as interventions often depend on behaviour change. A focus on design over data, embracing mixed methods and support from funders will help to provide the evidence needed to reverse biodiversity loss.

    • Julia P. G. Jones
    • Ganga Shreedhar
  • As an international student and academic, Thuy-vy T. Nguyen experienced the importance of culturally relevant mentoring first hand. In this World View, she shares her learnings for mentors and mentees.

    • Thuy-vy T. Nguyen
    World View


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