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Volume 1 Issue 5, May 2020

Volume 1 Issue 5

Disruptive vision

Anthocyanin accumulation in ‘rainbow rice’, created through conventional breeding, confers a purple hue in the leaves and grains. In this issue, Steinwand and Ronald describe how genomic analyses and new plant breeding technologies can be leveraged to generate the next generation of food crops with enhanced agronomic and nutritional traits, and Herrero and colleagues assess the readiness of disruptive technologies in the transition to a more sustainable food system.

See Steinwand et al. and Herrero et al.

Image: Anat Sukeewong, Rice Science Center and Rice Gene Discovery, Kasetsart University, Thailand. Cover Design: Tulsi Voralia


  • Editorial |

    Wet markets have come under scrutiny amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Calls to ban them may seem like a straightforward component of preventing further pandemics, but controlling zoonotic infections requires a much wider approach.


Comment & Opinion

  • Comment |

    The Food Systems Dashboard brings together extant data from public and private sources to help decision makers understand their food systems, identify their levers of change and decide which ones need to be pulled.

    • Jessica Fanzo
    • , Lawrence Haddad
    •  & Arun Kapuria
  • Comment |

    Given the important role that nutritional science plays in global food and health policy, some of the key uncertainties in nutrition research that policy makers should take into consideration are outlined here.

    • Mike Gibney
    • , David Allison
    •  & Johanna Dwyer
  • Q&A |

    Food Tank is a non-profit organization that champions people in agriculture. Co-founder and President, Danielle Nierenberg, discusses challenges faced by the farming community including youth engagement, equality for women and preservation of indigenous practices. Farming should be better supported to ensure security of food supply.

    • Anne Mullen

Books & Arts

  • Books & Arts |

    • Juliana Gil
    • , Yufang Guo
    •  & Annisa Chand

Research Highlights

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Food banks, food pantries and other emergency food operations are often overlooked in studies of food access. Their availability for patrons should not be expressed in terms of geographic coverage, but rather their capacity and hours of operation.

    • Jerry Shannon
  • News & Views |

    The global trade of fish and fish products brings with it the challenge of identifying exposure to contaminants from imported products. Marine fish trade models can now quantify human exposure to persistent organic pollutants.

    • Derek C. G. Muir



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