About the Editors


Chief Editor: Juliana Gil, PhD, Springer Nature, Germany


Juliana joined Nature Food in 2019. She holds an M.Sc. degree in Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production and a Ph.D. in Global Food Security from the Institute of Land Use Economics in the Tropics and Subtropics at the University of Hohenheim. Throughout her research, she combined quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate the links between farm systems, land use change, the diffusion of low-carbon agricultural practices and sustainability. During her post-docs at Boston University and Wageningen University, she conducted studies spanning socioeconomic and technical factors affecting stakeholders’ decision-making, in support of solutions for complex multi-scale problems related to food systems. Her most recent work targeted the development of food systems transformation pathways and the operationalization of the UN SDGs. Juliana is based in the Berlin office. 


Senior Editor: Annisa Chand, PhD, Springer Nature, Germany


Annisa joined Nature Research in March 2019. She completed her Bachelors in Veterinary Sciences and her PhD in Endocrinology at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. During her time at the Royal Veterinary College she conducted research in animal reproduction, sperm cryopreservation and immunology, as well as gaining valuable practical experience in livestock handling and dairy farming. For her doctoral studies she specialised in pituitary gland development and function in zebrafish, looking at the local hormonal regulation of pituitary secretion via the natriuretic peptide system. She went on to do her first postdoctoral position at King’s College London studying neuronal plasticity in olfaction, where she published evidence of a new form of plasticity in olfactory bulb dopaminergic neurons. Prior to joining the Nature Food team, she worked on microglia function in neurodegeneration at the Charité Universitätsmedizin-Berlin. Science communication has long been her passion, having been involved in widening access to veterinary education and organising scientific outreach events for the general public. Annisa is based in the Berlin office.


Senior Editor: Yufang Guo, PhD, Springer Nature, USA


Yufang joined Nature Research in June 2019. She obtained her Ph.D. in Agronomy from Mississippi State University and did her postdoctoral work at the University of Georgia and Michigan State University. Her research focused on understanding the genetics of agronomic traits for crops using both forward and reverse genetics approaches, and looking for the association of genes or genomic regions with those traits. She led projects on the genomic resource enhancement using various genomic technologies and applied the findings to facilitate the breeding of multiple crops. She also studied the population structure of several important plant pathogens to provide new insights into plant disease management. Yufang is based in the New York office.


Associate Editor: Laurence Daoust, PhD, Springer Nature, Germany


Laurence joined Nature Food in July 2023. She holds a degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Montreal and completed a Ph.D. in Nutrition at the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute of Laval University. Her research mainly focused on assessing the implication of functional food on a dysbiotic gut microbiome in obese mice models in order to prevent the development of metabolic disorders associated with obesity. Laurence also gained experience in the use of fecal microbiota transplantation from different in vivo models to demonstrate the causality of the gut microbiome in the observed metabolic phenotype. Prior to joining Nature Food, she worked in the food industry as a Nutrition Researcher. Laurence is based in the Berlin office.

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