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  • The starchy staples of West African cooking have significance beyond nutrition and satiety. In Ghana, fufu, tzed and banku are associated with regional and cultural identity, and the preparation and consumption of the ‘proper meal’ with social roles.

    • Brandi Simpson Miller
    Food for Thought
  • Over the past two millennia, dietary transitions among foragers in southern Africa have impacted their height, family size, disease rates, and nutrition. The shift to a sedentary life has brought with it a range of health and social issues. Yet, foraging remains important for food security and has unique cultural value.

    • Robert Hitchcock
    Food for Thought
  • Popular ideas about the Mediterranean diet are reviewed and questioned with respect to regional data on food intake and cultural diversity. With the UNESCO declaration of the Mediterranean diet as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, a far more holistic approach to food habits and environmental patterns has been developed.

    • Helen Macbeth
    • F. Xavier Medina
    Food for Thought
  • Globalization transforms societies, economies and cultures. As a subject, food allows us to draw unique narratives on these transformations . The history of pie and mash, also known as the ‘Londoner’s meal’, is such a story of globalization.

    • Ronald Ranta
    Food for Thought