Sow and piglets housed outdoors

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Serum-free cultured meat, nitrate retention through agroforestry, environmental footprint of pork supply chain in China, high energy and fertiliser prices, global dietary nutrient gap… and more


  • Food systems and COVID-19

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  • Sustainable development

    How can cellular agriculture contribute to sustainable food systems? A panel of experts considers cellular agriculture from perspectives of environmental sustainability, food justice, corporate power, potential for greenwashing, virtue ethics, and scaling for impact. Watch here.

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  • ‘Loss and damage’ is seen as a new paradigm for international climate action, but has long affected the operational realities of institutions that keep responding to climate-induced food system breakdowns. Without stronger systems for climate prediction and protection, escalating humanitarian needs risk crowding out the financial space for loss and damage prevention.

    • Gernot Laganda
  • Why people at any point in history may have considered a particular combination of food and drink as pairing especially well is likely due to reasons of food culture (including social and economic factors), more than the underlying food chemistry.

    • Charles Spence
    Food for Thought
  • More than simply a site for cookery, the kitchen has been home to scientific endeavour, empiricist knowledge, political expressionism, and touristic spectacles of architecture, design and technology. Writing about the kitchen is thus a powerful tool for communicating wider discourses.

    • Lindsay Middleton
    Food for Thought
  • The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) delivers independent and transparent scientific advice to policymakers in the European Union. Executive Director Bernhard Url believes that food safety is an integral part of the One Health vision of transformed food systems.

    • Annisa Chand