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Volume 6 Issue 8, August 2023

Perovskite power for wearable sweat sensors

A wireless wearable biosensor that is powered by a flexible perovskite solar cell can be used to continuously monitor a person’s physicochemical data — glucose, pH, sodium ions, sweat rate and skin temperature — across indoor and outdoor activities. The photograph on the cover shows the wearable sweat sensor attached to an arm.

See Min et al. and News & Views by Hiltunen

Image: Jihong Min, California Institute of Technology. Cover design: Lauren Heslop.


  • Metal halide perovskites are of increasing use in applications beyond conventional photovoltaics, from flexible solar cells for wearable devices to field-effect transistors for unconventional computing.



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Comment & Opinion

  • High-tech industries power the modern digital world, but their supply chains are particularly vulnerable to geopolitical and economic disruption. Urgent action is needed to improve supply-chain resilience.

    • Glenn A. Aguilar-Hernandez
    • Ankita Singhvi
    • Xiaoyang Zhong
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Research Highlights

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Research Briefings

  • The remarkable properties of graphene nanoribbons are promising for use in quantum technologies. To create quantum devices, however, individual nanoribbons must be contacted. This crucial step has now been demonstrated using single-walled carbon nanotubes as electrodes.

    Research Briefing
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News & Views

  • A skin-conformable system that is worn on the finger, and integrates optical sensors with memristors, can accurately classify finger-written inputs in three-dimensional space.

    • Chanho Shin
    • Tse Nga Ng
    News & Views
  • An autonomous wearable device that is capable of monitoring sweat for extended periods of time could help collect data for the development of personalized medicine.

    • Jussi Hiltunen
    News & Views
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  • This Perspective explores the development of metal halide perovskite transistors, examining the properties of halide perovskites and key perovskite transistors, and considering the challenges that exist in developing next-generation electronics and circuits using these devices.

    • Ao Liu
    • Huihui Zhu
    • Yong-Young Noh
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