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Volume 6 Issue 1, January 2023

A Bayesian machine built with memristors

A circuit that incorporates 2,048 memristors and 30,080 transistors can implement Bayesian inference via an approach that performs computation locally and with minimal data movement. The optical microscopy image on the cover shows the die of the Bayesian system.

See Harabi et al.

Image: Damien Querlioz, CNRS/Univ. Paris-Saclay. Cover design: Lauren Heslop.


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Research Briefings

  • A skin-like sensory system, consisting of a substrate-less nanomesh strain sensor and an unsupervised meta-learning framework, enables the rapid recognition of various hand movements with minimal training and can work for any user. The device is able to complete various tasks, including virtual keyboard typing and object recognition.

    Research Briefing
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  • This Perspective explores the potential of large-area electronics in wirelessly powered sensor nodes for the Internet of Things, considering low-power circuits for digital processing and signal amplification, as well as diodes and printed antennas for data communication and radiofrequency energy harvesting.

    • Luis Portilla
    • Kalaivanan Loganathan
    • Vincenzo Pecunia
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