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Volume 5 Issue 4, April 2022

A clean contact

With the help of a metal deposition process that uses a selenium buffer layer, van der Waals contacts that are interaction- and defect-free can be formed between metals and two-dimensional semiconductors. The computer-generated image on the cover highlights the probing of p-type tungsten diselenide (WSe2) field-effect transistors with gold van der Waals contacts, which can be created with the technique.

See Kwon et al.

Image: Mann-Ho Cho, Yonsei University. Cover Design: Allen Beattie.


  • Driven by their achievements in solar cells, metal halide perovskites are being used in a range of other devices — from light-emitting diodes to photodetectors to field-effect transistors — with increasing success.



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Research Highlights

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News & Views

  • Thin flakes of Cr5Te8, which exhibit a colossal anomalous Hall effect, can be synthesized using a phase-controlled chemical vapour deposition technique.

    • Yimin Xiong
    News & Views
  • A van der Waals integration approach can be used to deposit single-crystal strontium titanate on two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide and tungsten diselenide, creating high-performance n- and p-doped field-effect transistors.

    • Wenhan Zhou
    • Shengli Zhang
    • Haibo Zeng
    News & Views
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Research Briefings

  • Quantum computing has attracted attention owing to its potential to solve problems that are intractable with traditional computing technologies; however, a scalable scheme for producing millions of qubits remains elusive. A new effort demonstrates a milestone to achieving this by fabricating qubits in the same factory where state-of-the-art semiconductor chips are manufactured.

    Research Briefing
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  • This Review examines the development of perovskite light-emitting diodes, exploring the key challenges involved in creating efficient and stable devices.

    • Azhar Fakharuddin
    • Mahesh K. Gangishetty
    • Henk J. Bolink
    Review Article
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