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Volume 4 Issue 8, August 2021

Volume 4 Issue 8

3D printed thermoelectrics power up

Particle-based thermoelectric inks can be written into complex three-dimensional thermoelectric architectures using a 3D printing process, creating devices that could generate power from minimal heat flow or act as coolers in integrated systems. The computer-generated image on the cover illustrates the direct ink writing of a microscale thermoelectric device on an integrated circuit.

See Kim et al.

Image: Younghee Lee, CUBE3D Graphic. Cover Design: Allen Beattie.


  • Editorial |

    Flexible devices based on organic semiconductors could be of use in the development of wearable electronics and the Internet of Things, but face competition from other established and emerging technologies.

Research Highlights

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Vertical organic thin-film transistors can be used to create complementary circuits that operate at high frequencies.

    • Wei Huang
    • Antonio Facchetti
  • News & Views |

    A flexible microprocessor with more than 18,000 NAND gates can be manufactured using metal-oxide thin-film transistor technology.

    • Zili Yu


  • Review Article |

    This Review examines the use of colloidal quantum dots in the development of next-generation electronics, including luminescent, optoelectronic, memory and thermoelectric devices.

    • Mengxia Liu
    • Nuri Yazdani
    • Edward H. Sargent
  • Review Article |

    This Review examines the development of emerging semiconductor materials—organic semiconductors, colloidal quantum dots and metal halide perovskites—for light-emitting diodes, considering efforts to improve modulation performance and device efficiency, as well as potential applications in on-chip interconnects and light fidelity (Li-Fi).

    • Aobo Ren
    • Hao Wang
    • Ian H. White


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