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Volume 4 Issue 3, March 2021

Tactile textiles from functional fibres

Fibres with a coaxial structure in which conductive stainless-steel threads are coated with a piezoresistive nanocomposite can be machine knitted into wearable garments — including gloves, vests and socks — that can be used to monitor and recognize tactile interactions. The optical image on the cover shows a stainless-steel thread (top), coaxial piezoresistive fibre (middle) and acrylic knitting yarn (bottom).

See Luo et al. and News & Views by Chen et al.

Image: Wan Shou and Yiyue Luo (MIT). Cover Design: Allen Beattie.


  • Wearable sensors and machine learning can be a powerful combination for capturing human gestures and tactile interactions.



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