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  • This Review examines the development of van der Waals opto-spintronic devices, highlighting the importance of light–matter interactions in van der Waals magnetic materials and the control of their magnetization via external stimuli, as well as exploring potential opto-spintronic device architectures and applications.

    • J. Tyler Gish
    • Dmitry Lebedev
    • Mark C. Hersam
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of electrical reservoir computing, considering the architectures, physical nodes, and input and output layers of the approach, as well as performance benchmarks and the competitiveness of different implementations.

    • Xiangpeng Liang
    • Jianshi Tang
    • Huaqiang Wu
    Review Article
  • This Review explores the development of ingestible electronics and provides a step-by-step guide for the design of ingestible electronic capsules at the system level.

    • Angsagan Abdigazy
    • Mohammed Arfan
    • Yasser Khan
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of neuromorphic hardware systems based on halide perovskites, considering how devices based on these materials can serve as synapses and neurons, and can be used in neuromorphic computing networks.

    • Maria Vasilopoulou
    • Abd Rashid bin Mohd Yusoff
    • Yong-Young Noh
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of thin-film transistors for use in displays, sensors, digital circuits and memory, as well as their potential for future application in emerging technologies such as neuromorphic computing.

    • Di Geng
    • Kai Wang
    • Ming Liu
    Review Article
  • This Review provides a full-spectrum classification of computing-in-memory technologies by identifying the degree of memory cells participating in the computation as inputs and/or output, creating a platform for comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the different technologies.

    • Zhong Sun
    • Shahar Kvatinsky
    • Ru Huang
    Review Article
  • This Review examines switching mechanisms in memristive devices based on van der Waals materials, and explores the advantages such devices offer and the challenges that must be faced for them to be of use in next-generation electronic and computing applications.

    • Mengjiao Li
    • Hefei Liu
    • J. Joshua Yang
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of cryogenic memory technologies—including non-superconducting memories, superconducting memories and hybrid memories—and their potential application in superconducting single-flux quantum circuits and quantum computers.

    • Shamiul Alam
    • Md Shafayat Hossain
    • Ahmedullah Aziz
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the use of multidimensional architectures—such as superjunction, multi-channel and multi-gate technologies—in power electronics devices, exploring the performance limits, scaling and material figure of merits of the different architectures.

    • Yuhao Zhang
    • Florin Udrea
    • Han Wang
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of micro light-emitting diodes, exploring key performance characteristics, leading manufacturing approaches and current system demonstrations, as well considering the potential future applications of the technology.

    • Keith Behrman
    • Ioannis Kymissis
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the origin of shape-, confinement- and strain-induced effects in electronic materials with nanoscale curved geometries and explores how to exploit these effects in electronic, magnetic and superconducting devices.

    • Paola Gentile
    • Mario Cuoco
    • Carmine Ortix
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of micro-thermoelectric devices, exploring progress in device design, integration and performance, and the potential applications of the technology in cooling, power generation and sensing.

    • Qihao Zhang
    • Kangfa Deng
    • Kornelius Nielsch
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of perovskite light-emitting diodes, exploring the key challenges involved in creating efficient and stable devices.

    • Azhar Fakharuddin
    • Mahesh K. Gangishetty
    • Henk J. Bolink
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of smart textiles for application in personalized healthcare, examining the different platform technologies, fabrication strategies and clinical scenarios, as well as the current commercial and regulatory landscape.

    • Alberto Libanori
    • Guorui Chen
    • Jun Chen
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the scaling prospects of quantum computing systems based on silicon spin technology and how the different layers of such a computer could benefit from using complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology.

    • M. F. Gonzalez-Zalba
    • S. de Franceschi
    • A. S. Dzurak
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of field-effect transistors based on two-dimensional materials and considers the challenges that need to be addressed for the devices to be incorporated into very large-scale integration (VLSI) technology.

    • Saptarshi Das
    • Amritanand Sebastian
    • Rajendra Singh
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of novel physical effects and materials for wireless power transfer, considering techniques based on coherent perfect absorption, parity–time symmetry and exceptional points, and on-site power generation, as well as the use of metamaterials and metasurfaces, and acoustic power transfer.

    • Mingzhao Song
    • Prasad Jayathurathnage
    • Alex Krasnok
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the development of emerging semiconductor materials—organic semiconductors, colloidal quantum dots and metal halide perovskites—for light-emitting diodes, considering efforts to improve modulation performance and device efficiency, as well as potential applications in on-chip interconnects and light fidelity (Li-Fi).

    • Aobo Ren
    • Hao Wang
    • Ian H. White
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the use of colloidal quantum dots in the development of next-generation electronics, including luminescent, optoelectronic, memory and thermoelectric devices.

    • Mengxia Liu
    • Nuri Yazdani
    • Edward H. Sargent
    Review Article
  • This Review examines wireless on-demand drug delivery systems that are triggered by electric fields, magnetic fields or electromagnetic radiation, and provides design guidelines for the development of such systems.

    • Seyed M. Mirvakili
    • Robert Langer
    Review Article