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  • By controlling ion-dynamic capacitance, electrolyte-gated transistors can be switched between different operating modes, providing flexible neural network implementations.

    • Radu A. Sporea
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  • A compact and energy-efficient magnetoresistive random-access memory (MRAM) technology could help lower the power consumption of data storage and management.

    • Atsufumi Hirohata
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  • High-electron-mobility transistors with a diamond coating on their top and side surfaces can effectively dissipate heat in high-power electronics applications.

    • Jae-Hyun Ryou
    • Sukwon Choi
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  • A stretchable and conductive micrometre-thick elastic conductor, which has a controlled morphology of microcracks, can be used in on-skin and implantable sensor applications.

    • Jihong Min
    • Yu Song
    • Wei Gao
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  • A reconfigurable device based on two-dimensional materials can function as both a transistor and a memory.

    • Dayane Reis
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  • A flexible sensor interface integrated into different commercial face masks can be used to measure breathing patterns, skin temperature, physical activity and the fit of the mask itself.

    • Muhammad Adeel
    • Yasin Cotur
    • Firat Güder
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  • Artificial synapses made of indium selenide can exhibit tunable temporal dynamics, which can be used to achieve multisensory fusion and multiple-timescale feature extraction in reservoir computing.

    • Zhongming Wei
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  • A hybrid superconducting optoelectronic circuit could be used to develop spiking neuromorphic networks that operate at the single-quantum level.

    • Alessandro Casaburi
    • Robert H. Hadfield
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  • Wearable sweat-sensing devices that use self-powered sensors, electrochromic displays and thin-film batteries can operate free from any connections to bulky external electronics.

    • Amay J. Bandodkar
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  • With the help of two different kinds of memristor, a low-power, fully analogue reservoir computing system can be created for use in high-accuracy arrhythmia detection and dynamic gesture recognition.

    • Xiaobing Yan
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  • Unreleased acoustic resonators fabricated in commercial fin-field-effect-transistor technology could be used in multigigahertz signal processing.

    • Ming-Huang Li
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  • Silicon-based dual-gate photodiodes with electrostatically controlled photocurrents can be used to create imaging systems that can compute incoming visual data.

    • Yang Chai
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  • Three-dimensional computing systems made of vertically integrated complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor circuits and layered resistive memory can perform analogue computing-in-memory with high energy efficiency.

    • Injune Yeo
    • Jae-sun Seo
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  • Carbon nanotube field-effect transistors that are fabricated using aligned nanotube arrays exhibit an identical sequence of random ternary bits, which can be separated and used to generate security keys for encrypted communications.

    • Satish Kumar
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  • A reconfigurable integration technology based on stackable chips with embedded arrays of optoelectronic devices and memristive crossbars could be of use in edge intelligence applications.

    • Shi-Jun Liang
    • Feng Miao
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  • The phase, frequency and amplitude of gigahertz acoustic waves can be electrically controlled in a lithium niobate waveguide at millikelvin temperatures.

    • Anton Frisk Kockum
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  • Graphene can be used as a donor substrate to create van der Waals contacts between two-dimensional semiconductors and a variety of three-dimensional metal electrodes, including strongly adhering metals.

    • Soon-Yong Kwon
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  • On-chip Floquet photonic topological insulators, which are based on switched-capacitor circulators, could be used to create hybrid electronic–photonic topological integrated circuits for emerging communication technologies.

    • Abhishek Kumar
    • Manoj Gupta
    • Ranjan Singh
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  • A van der Waals integration approach can be used to deposit single-crystal strontium titanate on two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide and tungsten diselenide, creating high-performance n- and p-doped field-effect transistors.

    • Wenhan Zhou
    • Shengli Zhang
    • Haibo Zeng
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  • Thin flakes of Cr5Te8, which exhibit a colossal anomalous Hall effect, can be synthesized using a phase-controlled chemical vapour deposition technique.

    • Yimin Xiong
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