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  • Photoresponsive perovskite light-emitting diodes can be used to build multifunctional displays that can function as touch screens, light sensors and image sensors.

    • Sebastian Fernández
    • Manchen Hu
    • Daniel N. Congreve
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  • Non-volatile memory devices capable of recording and reading information at temperatures up to 600 °C can be built using aluminium scandium nitride ferroelectric diodes.

    • Hiroshi Suga
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  • A new approach to measuring qubits offers an alternative path to scaling quantum computers.

    • David Pahl
    • William D. Oliver
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  • Nanofluidic memristors that rely on mechanical deformations to modulate ionic conductance can be coupled to form logic circuits, opening a route to ionic machinery that could implement neural networks.

    • Abdulghani Ismail
    • Boya Radha
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  • Polycrystalline films of the non-toxic element bismuth exhibit a room-temperature surface nonlinear Hall effect, which could make devices based on topological quantum effects more practical.

    • Vsevolod Belosevich
    • Qiong Ma
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  • Physicochemical-sensing electronic skins — combined with artificial intelligence — could be used to develop personalized stress management systems.

    • H. Ceren Ates
    • Cihan Ates
    • Can Dincer
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  • Tapes whose adhesive force is controlled by ultraviolet illumination can be used to cleanly transfer large-area graphene, molybdenum disulfide and other two-dimensional materials with a low thermal budget and using no organic solvents.

    • Tiange Zhao
    • Zhen Wang
    • Weida Hu
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  • By transferring laser-induced graphene to a hydrogel film at cryogenic temperatures, stretchable graphene–hydrogel interfaces can be created for application in wearable and implantable electronics.

    • Tomás Pinheiro
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  • An ultrathin haptic interface can selectively activate different cutaneous receptors in the skin, providing rich haptic sensation information in virtual reality.

    • Zhongda Sun
    • Zixuan Zhang
    • Chengkuo Lee
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  • Brain organoids — integrated with electrophysiological recording hardware — can be used to create reservoir computing systems.

    • Lena Smirnova
    • Brian Caffo
    • Erik C. Johnson
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  • The integration of high-performance n-type and p-type two-dimensional transistors — which can be fabricated on 300 mm wafers using a die-by-die transfer process — is an important step in the lab-to-fab transition of two-dimensional semiconductors.

    • Wenjuan Zhu
    • Xia Hong
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  • An effective gate voltage doping method can be used to create single-gate molybdenum ditelluride field-effect transistors that can be reconfigured between rectification, memory, logic and neuromorphic functions.

    • Guanglong Ding
    • Su-Ting Han
    • Ye Zhou
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  • Ring oscillator circuits that operate at gigahertz frequencies and are based on monolayer molybdenum disulfide can be created with the help of a design–technology co-optimization approach.

    • Jiadi Zhu
    • Tomás Palacios
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