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  • Neuromorphic computing based on fully memristive neural networks could offer a scalable and lower-cost alternative to existing neural spiking chips based solely on CMOS technology.

    • Bernabe Linares-Barranco
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  • The stacking of different two-dimensional materials can be used to create memristors with high thermal stability.

    • Quoc An Vu
    • Woo Jong Yu
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  • Analogue computing based on memristors could offer a faster and more energy-efficient alternative to conventional digital computing in IoT applications.

    • Huaqiang Wu
    • Peng Yao
    • He Qian
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  • Spiral inductors that are made from intercalated multilayer graphene, and exploit the kinetic inductance of the material, could help deliver miniaturized radio-frequency integrated circuits.

    • Wen Huang
    • Xiuling Li
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  • A microfabricated silicon device can locally measure the intensity of an electric field without any significant field distortion.

    • Vittorio Ferrari
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  • Swallowable electronic capsules can provide gas profiles of the gut and distinguish changes in a person’s diet.

    • Benjamin Terry
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