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  • Vertical organic thin-film transistors can be used to create complementary circuits that operate at high frequencies.

    • Wei Huang
    • Antonio Facchetti
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  • A flexible microprocessor with more than 18,000 NAND gates can be manufactured using metal-oxide thin-film transistor technology.

    • Zili Yu
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  • An organic phototransistor with two complementary bulk heterojunctions exhibits light-intensity-dependent adaptation behaviour that mimics the behaviour of the human visual system.

    • Jiansheng Jie
    • Wei Deng
    • Xiaohong Zhang
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  • The human body can be used as a medium to couple ambient energy and transmit power to wearable devices.

    • Jeremy Gummeson
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  • Sub-1-nm vertical field-effect transistors can be created by transferring pre-made metal film contacts onto two-dimensional materials.

    • Jia Zhang
    • Feng Gao
    • PingAn Hu
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  • A superconducting electromechanical device at cryogenic temperatures can be probed using optical fibres and a commercial phase modulator.

    • Koji Usami
    • Yasunobu Nakamura
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  • Transistors that are printed on paper substrates using all-carbon inks can be completely recycled, providing a potential route to helping solve the problem of electronic waste.

    • Byeongmoon Lee
    • Seungjun Chung
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  • Woven displays with a high number of light-emitting pixels can be created by interlacing two electrically conducting fibres and forming electroluminescent units at the crossover points.

    • Xiaoming Tao
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  • The electrical and mechanical robustness of thin metal film electrodes can be improved by adding an atomically thin interlayer, such as graphene, between the metal and the flexible substrate.

    • Seung Hwan Ko
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  • Conformable electrodes can be used to manipulate the electrical properties of a Venus flytrap, creating actuators that can be wirelessly controlled.

    • Alexander G. Volkov
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  • Wearable electronic devices, which allow physiological signals to be continuously monitored, can be used in the early detection of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic cases of COVID-19.

    • H. Ceren Ates
    • Ali K. Yetisen
    • Can Dincer
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  • A flexible biosensing system with in-sensor machine-learning functionality can recognize up to 21 hand gestures in real time based on surface electromyography patterns from a forearm.

    • Simon Tam
    • Benoit Gosselin
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  • Isolated point defects in silicon that emit light at telecom wavelengths could help accelerate the development of quantum information technologies using commercial platforms.

    • Stephanie Simmons
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  • A magnonic directional coupler based on yttrium iron garnet could be used to create integrated magnonic nanocircuits for logic operations.

    • Daniela Petti
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  • An ultrashort pulse of electric current can be used to switch the magnetization of a micrometre-scale magnetic element via spin–orbit torques.

    • Can Onur Avci
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