Gilbert Santiago Cañón Bermúdez, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf e.V.

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Latest Research

  • Article |

    The interplay between spin–orbit and spin-transfer torques can be used to develop a low-power route to magnetization switching of perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions without an external magnetic field.

    • Mengxing Wang
    • , Wenlong Cai
    • , Daoqian Zhu
    • , Zhaohao Wang
    • , Jimmy Kan
    • , Zhengyang Zhao
    • , Kaihua Cao
    • , Zilu Wang
    • , Youguang Zhang
    • , Tianrui Zhang
    • , Chando Park
    • , Jian-Ping Wang
    • , Albert Fert
    •  & Weisheng Zhao
  • Article |

    Magnetic field sensors, which are based on the anisotropic magnetoresistance effect and arranged in a Wheatstone bridge configuration, can provide an artificial magnetoreception that allows a person to orientate in an outdoor setting and manipulate objects in virtual reality.

    • Gilbert Santiago Cañón Bermúdez
    • , Hagen Fuchs
    • , Lothar Bischoff
    • , Jürgen Fassbender
    •  & Denys Makarov
  • Review Article |

    This Review Article examines state-of-the-art metrology methods for integrated circuits and highlights how new integrated circuit device design and industry requirements affect lithography options and consequently metrology requirements.

    • N. G. Orji
    • , M. Badaroglu
    • , B. M. Barnes
    • , C. Beitia
    • , B. D. Bunday
    • , U. Celano
    • , R. J. Kline
    • , M. Neisser
    • , Y. Obeng
    •  & A. E. Vladar
  • Article |

    A hafnium oxide memristor crossbar array integrated with transistors can provide a provable key destruction scheme in which unique physical fingerprints are extracted by comparing the conductance of neighbouring memristors, and can only be revealed if a digital key stored on the same array is erased.

    • Hao Jiang
    • , Can Li
    • , Rui Zhang
    • , Peng Yan
    • , Peng Lin
    • , Yunning Li
    • , J. Joshua Yang
    • , Daniel Holcomb
    •  & Qiangfei Xia

News & Comment

  • Editorial |

    In pursuit of the spin transistor and alternative memory technologies.

  • News & Views |

    Magnetic-field sensors integrated on electronic skins can provide an artificial magnetoreception that relies only on geomagnetic fields.

    • Hadi Heidari
  • Reverse Engineering |

    Spintronic devices, which exploit the spin of electrons for information processing and storage, are a key emerging technology in electronics. Supriyo Datta explains how emulating optical phenomena inspired his prediction of the spin transistor.

    • Supriyo Datta

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