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Latest Research

  • Article |

    Three-dimensional integrated circuits based on slot antennas and carbon nanotubes can combine plasmonics and electronics, and can be used to create unidirectional receivers and wavelength- and polarization-division multiplexing.

    • Yang Liu
    • , Jiasen Zhang
    •  & Lian-Mao Peng
  • Article |

    An optoelectronic platform that operates at low power and uses position- and angle-independent wireless power harvesting can provide multimodal programmable control over optogenetic stimulation parameters.

    • Philipp Gutruf
    • , Vaishnavi Krishnamurthi
    • , Abraham Vázquez-Guardado
    • , Zhaoqian Xie
    • , Anthony Banks
    • , Chun-Ju Su
    • , Yeshou Xu
    • , Chad R. Haney
    • , Emily A. Waters
    • , Irawati Kandela
    • , Siddharth R. Krishnan
    • , Tyler Ray
    • , John P. Leshock
    • , Yonggang Huang
    • , Debashis Chanda
    •  & John A. Rogers
  • Review Article |

    This Review Article examines the development of terahertz integrated electronic and hybrid electronic–photonic systems, considering, in particular, advances that deliver important functionalities for applications in communication, sensing and imaging.

    • Kaushik Sengupta
    • , Tadao Nagatsuma
    •  & Daniel M. Mittleman
  • Article |

    Rudimentary circuit elements, including a binary wire and an OR gate, can be created through the patterning of dangling bonds on a hydrogen-terminated silicon surface.

    • Taleana Huff
    • , Hatem Labidi
    • , Mohammad Rashidi
    • , Lucian Livadaru
    • , Thomas Dienel
    • , Roshan Achal
    • , Wyatt Vine
    • , Jason Pitters
    •  & Robert A. Wolkow
  • Article |

    The interplay between spin–orbit and spin-transfer torques can be used to develop a low-power route to magnetization switching of perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions without an external magnetic field.

    • Mengxing Wang
    • , Wenlong Cai
    • , Daoqian Zhu
    • , Zhaohao Wang
    • , Jimmy Kan
    • , Zhengyang Zhao
    • , Kaihua Cao
    • , Zilu Wang
    • , Youguang Zhang
    • , Tianrui Zhang
    • , Chando Park
    • , Jian-Ping Wang
    • , Albert Fert
    •  & Weisheng Zhao

News & Comment

  • Reverse Engineering |

    Bluetooth allows electronic devices to communicate over short distances and is used by billions of devices worldwide. Jaap Haartsen recalls the developments that led to the establishment of the Bluetooth wireless technology standard.

    • Jaap Haartsen
  • Editorial |

    Technology breakthroughs at the 2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting.

  • News & Views |

    A wireless, low-power optoelectronic platform, which is based on micro-LEDs, can provide multimodal programmable control over optogenetic stimulation parameters.

    • Harbaljit S. Sohal

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