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  • Quantitative field ecologist who contributed to the fundamentals of polar science and pelagic ecology.

    • Tom B. Letessier
    • Martin J. Cox
    • Alex D. Rogers
  • Leading conservation planner and champion for biodiversity.

    • Vanessa M. Adams
    • Jorge G. Álvarez-Romero
    • Piero Visconti
  • Evolutionary geneticist whose powerful statistical methods facilitated the molecular revolution of evolutionary biology.

    • Jianzhi Zhang
    • Sudhir Kumar
  • Conservation and livestock geneticist who made a significant and lasting contribution to biodiversity policy and the management of endangered species.

    • Sean Hoban
    • Gernot Segelbacher
    • Isa-Rita M. Russo
  • Determined and generous champion of protected-areas science and policy

    • Madhu Rao
    • Stephen Woodley
    • Nigel Dudley
  • An inspirational advocate for adaptation, animal behaviour and natural history.

    • Darrell J. Kemp
    • Ronald L. Rutowski
    • Leigh W. Simmons
  • A visionary conservationist, deep thinker and versatile scholar who challenged the field of conservation to reflect on itself and its purpose in inclusive ways.

    • Erin Betley
    • Mary E. Blair
    • Georgina Cullman
  • Ecosystem ecologist who made fundamental contributions to carbon cycle science and advocated for the next generation of scientists

    • Xi Yang
    • Dennis Baldocchi
    • Hualei Yang
  • A visionary and interdisciplinary scientist who brought a fearless passion to everything she did, inspiring all those around her.

    • Simon van Vliet
    • Martin Ackermann
  • Expert field palaeontologist who made many key discoveries about early human evolution in East Africa.

    • Louise N. Leakey
    • Robert A. Foley
  • Archaeologist who emphasized the importance of chronology in understanding Palaeolithic Europe, and laid the framework for the archaeology of modern human origins.

    • Robert Foley
  • Researcher who studied fundamental questions about sexual selection, and an inspiring and kind colleague and friend.

    • Tracey Chapman
    • Paula Stockley
  • Primate palaeontologist and passionate advocate for diversity in human origins research.

    • John Rowan
    • Patricia Princehouse
    • Kevin T. Uno
  • Quantitative geneticist who made fundamental contributions to understanding the nature of genetic variation.

    • Peter D. Keightley
  • Far-sighted palaeontologist who guided the Dinosaur Gallery at London’s Natural History Museum, with interests in dinosaurs, early tetrapods and palaeoneurology.

    • Stig Walsh