Aims & Scope

The most striking feature of Life on Earth is its diversity, and the fields of ecology and evolution are central to understanding how biodiversity arose, how it is maintained, what are its consequences, and how we should conserve it. Evolution is the unifying concept that runs through all the life sciences, from the origin and diversification of life to understanding human behaviour to dealing with the challenges posed by disease. Ecology takes biology from the relative simplicity of individuals to explain the complexity of interactions between organisms and their environments. Its implications stretch beyond biology into environmental science and the grand challenges facing society.

Nature Ecology & Evolution is interested in the full spectrum of ecological and evolutionary biology, encompassing approaches at the molecular, organismal, population, community and ecosystem levels, as well as relevant parts of the social sciences. Nature Ecology & Evolution provides a place where all researchers and policymakers interested in all aspects of life's diversity can come together to learn about the most accomplished and significant advances in the field and to discuss topical issues. An online-only monthly journal, our broad scope ensures that the research published reaches the widest possible audience of scientists.

Like all Nature-branded journals, Nature Ecology & Evolution is characterized by a dedicated team of professional editors, a fair and rigorous peer-review process, high standards of copy-editing and production, swift publication and editorial independence.

In addition to publishing original research, Nature Ecology & Evolution will publish Comment, Reviews, News and Views, Features and Correspondence from across the full range of disciplines concerned with ecology and evolution.

Topics covered in the journal include:

Aquatic Ecology Evo-devo
Behavioural Ecology Evolutionary Biology
Biogeochemistry Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics
Biogeography Evolutionary Medicine
Biological Oceanography Human Ecology
Biomechanics Human Evolution
Chemical Ecology Integrative and Comparative Biology
Community Ecology Macroecology
Conservation Biology Microbial Ecology
Disease Ecology Molecular Evolution
Ecological Economics Palaeoecology
Ecophysiology Palaeontology
Ecosystem Ecology Phylogenetics
Ecosystem Services Population Biology