Journal Information

Nature Computational Science is a new online-only journal that is interested in both fundamental and applied research in the growing area of computational science.

Aims & Scope

Nature Computational Science focuses on the development and use of computational techniques and mathematical models, as well as their application to address complex problems across a range of scientific disciplines. The main goal of the journal is to foster multidisciplinary research and the cross-disciplinary application of new computational techniques. For more information, see Aims & Scope.

Online Publication

Nature Computational Science is an exclusively online publication. This allows us to publish articles as soon as they are ready, which benefits authors with an earlier publication date and allows our readers access to accepted papers several weeks before they would appear in a specific issue. Note that papers published online are definitive and may be altered only through the publication of an addendum, corrigendum or erratum, so authors should make every effort to ensure that the page proofs are correct.

Content Types

We publish a range of Content Types including Articles, Reviews, Perspectives, Brief Communications and Resources, along with Comments, News & Views and Research Highlights, elaborating on significant advances and other topical issues in computational science.

Editors and Contact Information

Like the other Nature titles, Nature Computational Science has no external, academic editors. Instead, all editorial decisions are made by a dedicated team of full-time professional editors. For information on their research backgrounds and scientific interests, see About the Editors.

General editorial enquiries and correspondence should be addressed to the Editor at

Enquiries about the status of a manuscript should be addressed to the Editorial Assistant at

To enquire about institutional access, advertising or marketing, please contact the appropriate department.


The correct abbreviation for abstracting and indexing purposes is Nat. Comput. Sci. 


The electronic international standard serial numbers (EISSN) for Nature Computational Science is 2662-8457.