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  • The authors show that accurate bootstrap confidence limits on inferred evolutionary relationships of species can be estimated by bootstrapping a collection of little samples of very long sequence alignments. Little bootstraps take a fraction of computer time and memory compared to the standard bootstrap, enabling big data analytics on personal computers.

    • Sudip Sharma
    • Sudhir Kumar
    Brief Communication
  • A computational approach to predictive modeling of embryonic development is presented and validated by integrating imaging, biochemical and genetic studies of tissue patterning in Drosophila embryogenesis.

    • Sayantan Dutta
    • Aleena L. Patel
    • Stanislav Y. Shvartsman
    Brief Communication
  • Raven is designed to democratize genome assembly, being a simple and efficient tool while keeping high accuracy. Using a method for detection of false overlaps based on graph drawing, it can be employed for various genome sizes.

    • Robert Vaser
    • Mile Šikić
    Brief Communication
  • Sharing of personal genomics data raises privacy concerns due to the sensitive nature of the data. A citizen-centric approach involving cryptographic privacy-preserving technologies and blockchains is proposed to address this problem.

    • Dennis Grishin
    • Jean Louis Raisaro
    • Jean-Pierre Hubaux
    Brief Communication
  • Using voice-based technologies, ChemVox is able to answer quantum chemistry questions in seconds, thus making such complex questions more accessible to the community.

    • Umberto Raucci
    • Alessio Valentini
    • Todd J. Martínez
    Brief Communication