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  • Quantum computing has the potential to assist with myriad tasks in science. In this Perspective, the applicability and promising directions of quantum computing in computational biology, genetics and bioinformatics is evaluated and discussed.

    • A. K. Fedorov
    • M. S. Gelfand
  • There have been substantial developments in weather and climate prediction over the past few decades, attributable to advances in computational science. The rise of new technologies poses challenges to these developments, but also brings opportunities for new progress in the field.

    • Peter Bauer
    • Peter D. Dueben
    • Nils P. Wedi
  • While estimating causality from observational data is challenging, quasi-experiments provide causal inference methods with plausible assumptions that can be practical to a range of real-world problems.

    • Tony Liu
    • Lyle Ungar
    • Konrad Kording