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  • Data visualization is widely used in science, but interpreting such visualizations is prone to error. Here a dynamic visualization is introduced for capturing more information and improving the reliability of visual interpretations.

    • Eric D. Sun
    • Rong Ma
    • James Zou
  • A computational workflow centered on probabilistic machine learning is developed to reconstruct the energy dispersion from photoemission band-mapping data. The workflow uncovers previously inaccessible momentum-space structural information at scale.

    • R. Patrick Xian
    • Vincent Stimper
    • Ralph Ernstorfer
    Resource Open Access
  • Design choices for dimensionality reduction on calcium imaging recordings are systematically evaluated, and a method called calcium imaging linear dynamical system (CILDS) is proposed for performing deconvolution and dimensionality reduction jointly.

    • Tze Hui Koh
    • William E. Bishop
    • Byron M. Yu