Research Cross-Journal Editorial Team

The Research Cross-Journal Editorial Team supports the Nature-branded research journals, with a focus on handling primary research manuscripts.

Head of Team | Prateek Dongare, PhD, Springer Nature, Heidelberg, Germany
Prateek has a background in chemistry & material science, specializing in catalysis and solar energy research. He joined Communications Chemistry in 2018 as an Associate Editor and later transitioned to Nature Communications in 2019, taking on roles as Team Manager and Chief Editor for energy materials in 2023. During his tenure, Prateek spearheaded a team handling submissions on energy materials. Beyond team management, Prateek handled submissions in all areas of the team’s remit such as materials for energy, photo and electrocatalysis, electrochemical energy storage, and energy harvesting.
Prateek left Nature Communications in December 2023 to establish and lead the Research Cross-Journal Editorial Team. Prateek’s academic background includes a PhD degree from Memorial University, Canada, followed by post-doctoral positions at Uppsala University in Sweden and The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA. 

Senior Editor: Bishwanath Gaire​, PhD, Springer Nature, New Jersey, USA, ORCiD
Bishwanath has a Master of Science degree in plasma physics from Tribhuvan University. He obtained a PhD in physics from Kansas State University. His doctoral research was on laser induced molecular fragmentation using coincidence momentum imaging technique. He then continued research as a postdoctoral fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in a team of international collaborators working on light-matter interaction using X-rays.
He joined Nature Communications in 2016 as an Associate Editor handling manuscripts in nuclear, atomic, molecular, optical and plasma physics. He joined the Research Cross-Journal Editorial team in March 2024 and is based in the Jersey City office.

Senior Editor: George Inglis​, PhD, Springer Nature, New York, USA, ORCiD 
George received his PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology from Emory University in Atlanta, USA, where his research focused on mouse models of voltage-gated sodium channel dysfunction, epigenomics and in vitro models of neuronal development. George started his editorial career at Communications Biology as an Associate Editor in 2020, where he handled papers related to molecular genetics, genomics, neuroscience, and microbiology. George joined the Research Cross-Journal Editorial team in March 2024.

Senior Editor: Michelle Korda, PhD, Springer Nature, London, UK
Michelle managed advanced therapy clinical trials at University College London (UCL) and ran a stratified medicine consortium and clinical trial for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis at Queen Mary University of London. Her expertise encompasses advanced-therapy clinical trials and in vivo and in vitro models for bone-defect healing. Michelle obtained a PhD in biomedical engineering from UCL in 2007, focusing on stem cells’ regenerative capabilities around revision hip implants. Michelle started her editorial career at Nature Biomedical Engineering as part of its launching team in May 2016. In her role, she managed a broad spectrum of submissions, with a focus on medical devices and tissue engineering. Michelle brings a wealth of experience and an understanding of cutting-edge biomedical research to her role. Michelle joined the Research Cross-Journal Editorial team in January 2024.

Senior Technical Editor: Georgia Tsoukala, PhD, Springer Nature, London, UK
Georgia earned her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from The School of Pharmacy, University of London (now UCL School of Pharmacy), where her research focused on designing and synthesizing carbohydrate-based compounds with potential anticancer properties. Following a brief period as a medicinal chemist at the drug discovery and development company Evotec (UK), she joined the Nature Publishing Group. In her role as a Technical Editor, Georgia contributed to semantic enrichment projects and the creation of chemical compound information pages. Her responsibilities have since expanded to include assisting editors in the preparation of figures containing chemical structures.

Associate Editor: Camilla Brunello, PhD, Springer Nature, Berlin, Germany, ORCiD 
Camilla holds an academic background that encompasses evolutionary biology, earth science, and climate science. She earned her Ph.D. in Physical Geography and Geomorphology from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. Following this, she held postdoctoral positions at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences and the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. Her research primarily focused on the water cycle's evolution over time. She delved into past hydroclimatic variability by studying the key factors affecting precipitation isotopes and the mechanisms that transfer climatic signals into geological records. Camilla joined the Research Cross-Journal Editorial team in April 2024.

Associate Editor: Xinru Li, PhD, Springer Nature, Shanghai, China
Xinru received her master’s degree in chemistry from Columbia University in New York and later earned her PhD in chemical engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she also worked as a postdoc. Her research focused on investigating lithium-based batteries and functional coordination polymers for the photocatalytic removal of organic pollutants.
Xinru began her editorial career at Wiley as an Associate Editor and subsequently joined Nature Communications in March 2023 where she managed submissions from the field of energy materials. Xinru joined the Research Cross-Journal Editorial team in June 2024.

Associate Editor: Jean Nakhle, PhD, Springer Nature, Berlin, Germany, ORCiD
Jean earned his PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Montpellier, France, focusing on the impact of intercellular communication within the tumor microenvironment on cancer metabolism and therapy response. He later undertook postdoctoral research at the RESTORE institute in Toulouse, France, exploring metastasis mechanisms in liquid tumors. His subsequent studies examined the influence of inter-organ metabolic communication on age-related functional decline. Jean joined the Research Cross-Journal Editorial team in April 2024.