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Volume 5 Issue 9, September 2022

Tunnel engineering in biocatalysis

Ni–Fe carbon monoxide dehydrogenases (CODHs) can oxidize CO at a high rate, but their O2 sensitivity is a major drawback for potential industrial application. Here, Hyung Ho Lee, Yong Hwan Kim and colleagues engineer the selectivity of a gas channel in a CODH for efficient removal of CO from industrial flue gas in the presence of O2.

See Kim et al.

Image Credit: Yong Hwan Kim, UNIST. Cover design: Marina Spence.


  • Recent policies are promoting the conditions for a transformation of the transportation sector worldwide. Here, we look at the example from the European Union and reflect on the opportunities that initiatives such as Fit for 55 represent for catalysis science.



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Research Highlights

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  • Metabolic engineering of microbes constitutes a promising strategy to make the industrial production of chemicals more sustainable. This Review discusses recent advances of targeted high-throughput genome editing to construct next-generation cell factories for bioproduction.

    • Suzan Yilmaz
    • Akos Nyerges
    • Nico J. Claassens
    Review Article
  • Single-atom, small cluster and nanoparticle catalysts feature intriguing reactivity for a variety of transformations, which is often attributed to the properties of specific atomic species. This Review critically revisits the reactivity of such catalysts in term of the ensemble effects that arise from the interaction of multiple metal atoms or single atomic species with neighbouring atoms from supports, additives or surface ligands.

    • Yu Guo
    • Maolin Wang
    • Ding Ma
    Review Article
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