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Volume 4 Issue 4, April 2021

Cooperative hydrodeoxygenation

The hydrodeoxygenation of phenols is a crucial transformation for the valorization of bio-based chemicals. Here, Jin et al. report an Al(PO3)3-supported Pt catalyst characterized by a remarkable activity for this reaction under relatively mild conditions. Cooperation between the support and metal nanoparticles is crucial for the performance of this system.

See Jin et al.

Image: Xiongjie Jin. Cover Design: Marina Spence.

Research Highlights

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News & Views

  • Tuning the selectivity of CO2 electrohydrogenation to value-added products poses a challenge in CO2 mitigation and electrified chemical manufacturing. Now, a strategy to design and synthesize CO2 reduction electrocatalysts highly selective to either CO or CH4 for proton-conducting ceramic electrochemical cells is presented.

    • Chuancheng Duan
    News & Views
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