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Volume 4 Issue 12, December 2021

Linking with acids

Lewis acid-mediated controlled release of a cationic organopalladium(II) intermediate enables transmetalation in a Pd-catalysed Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling reaction of organohalides with organoborons. This approach avoids alkaline conditions, which cause competitive undesired protodeborylation and make substrates with base-sensitive moieties compatible.

See Niwa et al.

Image: Yuta Uetake. Cover Design: Marina Spence


  • In this Editorial we reflect on post-publication discussions and corrections, and look at some recent examples from Nature Catalysis.



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Research Briefings

  • A new class of catalysts based on ternary ruthenium complex hydrides are developed for low-temperature ammonia synthesis. They support a non-dissociative reaction path for dinitrogen reduction, in which lithium or barium cations stabilize the NxHy intermediates and the electron- and H-rich [RuH6]4– anionic centres facilitate an energetically balanced multi-step reaction for ammonia synthesis.

    Research Briefing
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Amendments & Corrections

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