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Volume 2 Issue 12, December 2019

Branching through ring contraction

The branched pentose sugar d-apiose forms borate ester-polysaccharide crosslinks essential for plant cell wall development. Here the authors elucidate the multi-step reaction mechanism of UDP-apiose/UDP-xylose synthase involving decarboxylation of the UDP-d-glucuronic acid precursor coupled to pyranosyl-to-furanosyl sugar ring contraction by using the enzyme crystal structures and computational simulations.

See Savino et al.

Image: Luminous Lab. Cover Design: Alex Wing.

Research Highlights

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News & Views

  • Simple methods to incorporate deuterium into organic compounds are highly sought after as deuteration can enable mechanistic studies or improve the metabolic stability of pharmaceuticals. Now, a catalytic hydrogen–deuterium exchange reaction using deuterated water allows convenient access to deuterated aldehyde building blocks.

    • Sarah M. Anthony
    • Andrew V. Kelleghan
    • Neil K. Garg
    News & Views
  • Because of the high strength of N≡N bonds, N2 is often employed as an inert gas. Now it has been shown that it can partly react to yield surface nitrogen species that facilitate C–O hydrogenolysis reactions on supported Ru catalysts.

    • Thomas J. Schwartz
    News & Views
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  • Carbon monoxide can be electrochemically transformed to multi-carbon products selectively at high rates, raising the prospect of a two-step pathway to transform CO2 into value-added chemical products. This Perspective highlights recent progress complemented by a techno-economic analysis of the two-step conversion process and cradle-to-gate lifecycle assessment.

    • Matthew Jouny
    • Gregory S. Hutchings
    • Feng Jiao
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