How to submit

Initial submission

For a description of the first steps of the submission process please see Initial submission. All submissions should include a cover letter, a manuscript file and optional supplementary information files and should be made via our online submission system. Using this system, authors can upload manuscript files (text, figures and supplementary information, including video) and check on the status of their manuscript. 

For a description of the types of contributions that may be submitted to the journal, along with their length and figure limits, please see Content types. The journal's format requirements are described below.

Revised submissions

Revisions should be uploaded via the link provided in the editor's decision letter. Please do not submit revisions as new manuscripts. 

Authors should be familiar with the format requirements for final submission and begin revising their manuscript to fit these requirements. This will reduce later publication delays in the event the editor decides to offer publication of a suitably revised manuscript. 

Final submission

If an editor offers publication of a suitably revised manuscript the authors will be asked to revise their manuscript as needed to satisfy our final formatting requirements as detailed here.