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Nature Catalysis is a new online-only journal that covers all areas of catalysis, incorporating the work of scientists, engineers and industry. Open for submissions, first issue January 2018

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    Biocatalysis, if selective, offers great potential for the well-controlled release of drugs and other payloads. Here, Minko and co-workers separate enzymes and substrates by loading them onto individual, polymer-coated nanoparticles, and show that a magnetic field switches on the catalytic activity by merging the polymer shells.

    • Andrey Zakharchenko
    • , Nataliia Guz
    • , Amine Mohamed Laradji
    • , Evgeny Katz
    •  & Sergiy Minko
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    Peroxygenases can selectively functionalize organic compounds, but are sensitive to the co-substrate H2O2. Hollmann and co-workers show that water oxidation catalysts can provide a controlled supply of H2O2 to the enzyme in the presence of visible light, allowing efficient oxyfunctionalization without stoichiometric reductants.

    • Wuyuan Zhang
    • , Elena Fernández-Fueyo
    • , Yan Ni
    • , Morten van Schie
    • , Jenö Gacs
    • , Rokus Renirie
    • , Ron Wever
    • , Francesco G. Mutti
    • , Dörte Rother
    • , Miguel Alcalde
    •  & Frank Hollmann
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    Bioethanol-based alkylation of benzene is a potentially sustainable route to commodity chemicals, but there is little knowledge of the reaction mechanism. Here, Weckhuysen and co-workers study the zeolite catalysed alkylation of benzene with ethanol, identifying the active alkylating agent and experimentally show the presence of a σ-complex intermediate.

    • Abhishek Dutta Chowdhury
    • , Klaartje Houben
    • , Gareth T. Whiting
    • , Sang-Ho Chung
    • , Marc Baldus
    •  & Bert M. Weckhuysen

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  • Nature Catalysis brings together researchers from across all chemistry and related fields. It publishes work on homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, and biocatalysts, incorporating both fundamental and applied studies. Nature Catalysis provides coverage of the science and business of catalysis research, creating a unique journal for scientists, engineers, and researchers in industry.
  • Nature Catalysis publishes original research as Articles. We also publish a range of other content types including Reviews, Perspectives, Comments, Correspondences, News & Views and Feature articles.
  • The Chief Editor of Nature Catalysis is Enda Bergin, who was previously Senior Editor and Team Manager at Nature Communications.
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