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Volume 1 Issue 3, March 2020

Spotlight on Cancer Genomics

In this issue, we are launching a Series on Clinical Cancer Genomics, comprising commissioned articles that explore the role of genomics in cancer research and oncology and a selection of primary research articles published in Nature Cancer.

See our March Editorial, the Review article by Cescon et al. and the Cancer in Translation article by Kreisberg et al.

Image: concept by Alexia-Ileana Zaromytidou, based on the original painting Circles in a Circle by Wassily Kandinsky, with circos plots reproduced with permission from Heller et al.. Cover Design: Allen Beattie.


  • The field of cancer genomics has been advancing at a rapid pace, opening up a wealth of possibilities for translational applications. In this issue, we are excited to launch a Series of commissioned articles that explore the role of genomics in cancer research and oncology, from current achievements to future directions.



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News & Views

  • Although many metabolic dependencies of cancer cells are well documented, altered cancer metabolism has not always been considered an active driver of tumorigenesis. Restrictive glutamine availability is now shown to promote colorectal cancer by lowering α-ketoglutarate levels and thereby promoting DNA hypermethylation, Wnt signaling and cellular de-differentiation.

    • Dana Krauß
    • Eyal Gottlieb
    News & Views
  • To demonstrate the long-range effects of CD8+ T cell–secreted interferon-γ on bystander tumor cells, two studies now use mosaic models of antigen loss in tumors combined with intravital imaging. Factors that influence the length scale of diffusible signals could shape disease progression in cancer and autoimmunity.

    • Kenneth H. Hu
    • Matthew F. Krummel
    News & Views
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Cancer in Translation

  • A new suite of studies from the Pan Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) Consortium provides the most detailed resolution of cancer genomes to date, extending our knowledge of driver genes, mutational features, structural alterations and more. Kreisberg, Ideker, Mills and Meric-Bernstam discuss the foundational and translational insights gained from this project.

    • Jason F. Kreisberg
    • Trey Ideker
    • Gordon Mills
    Cancer in Translation
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  • Evaluation of circulating tumor DNA in blood has emerged as a powerful technology for oncology research. Lillian Siu and colleagues review the potential applications of liquid biopsy, highlighting clinical-trial designs to establish its clinical utility.

    • David W. Cescon
    • Scott V. Bratman
    • Lillian L. Siu
    Review Article
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