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    We present our Series on Cancer immunotherapy comprising commissioned Reviews, Perspectives and opinion pieces on the latest advances in the evolving palette of immunotherapies, the challenges in clinical translation of promising preclinical discoveries and their application to a wider patient population.

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    Nature Cancer’s 2021 in Review Focus comprises a series of specially commissioned articles in which leading experts in the cancer field offer their unique perspectives on the most exciting advances and the biggest challenges of the past year.

    Image: From left to right images from the 2021 Nature Cancer articles by Vanhersecke et al.; Klemm et al.; Tu et al.; Westcott et al.. Design: Allen Beattie.
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    Cancer therapy has advanced significantly in recent years, however, cancer remains a major health problem that requires further discovery and innovation to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients.

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    As Nature Cancer celebrates its first anniversary, we present a selection of the articles we have published so far, highlighting key areas of our diverse scope from cancer biology and genomics to translational and clinical cancer research.

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    Cancers evolve at a dynamic pace to adapt to immune pressure, colonize new niches, and evade therapy. Tracking these changes can help us improve diagnosis, better tailor therapies, and forestall recurrence, but it requires intensive monitoring beyond current clinical practice.

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    Advances in sequencing and genomic technologies are rapidly expanding our understanding of cancer and in turn the role of genomics in clinical oncology.

    Image: Image: concept by Alexia-Ileana Zaromytidou based on “Circles in a Circle” by Wassily Kandisky. Circos plots reproduced with permission from Heller et al. Leukemia 30, 1861–1868 (2016). Cover Design: Allen Beattie.