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  • Samson and Ablasser review the roles of the cGAS–STING pathway in cancer and efforts to target this signaling axis therapeutically.

    • Natasha Samson
    • Andrea Ablasser
    Review Article
  • Brody and colleagues discuss the current status and potential of cancer vaccines, highlighting challenges and opportunities to advance promising candidates to the clinic.

    • Matthew J. Lin
    • Judit Svensson-Arvelund
    • Joshua D. Brody
    Review Article
  • Lavie et al. review the recent advances in the field of cancer-associated fibroblasts, including their tissue-specific complexity and overall plasticity, as revealed by single-cell technologies.

    • Dor Lavie
    • Aviad Ben-Shmuel
    • Ruth Scherz-Shouval
    Review Article
  • Hwang and colleagues discuss recent advances and current challenges in developing immunotherapies for pediatric brain cancer, as well as the clinical implications of ongoing and completed studies.

    • Eugene I. Hwang
    • Elias J. Sayour
    • Ian F. Pollack
    Review Article
  • Ding and colleagues discuss the era of pan-cancer analysis, covering the fundamental insights gained, unique opportunities and challenges, and the future of such approaches in the basic and clinical space.

    • Feng Chen
    • Michael C. Wendl
    • Li Ding
    Review Article
  • Melenhorst and colleagues review the current status of chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapies, focusing on the rapid progress achieved in this area of immunotherapy, but also the challenges to be overcome.

    • Michael C. Milone
    • Jie Xu
    • J. Joseph Melenhorst
    Review Article
  • Scatiltri and colleagues review the paradigms of targeting PI3K in solid tumors in the clinic, including the progress so far in developing effective inhibitors as well as clinical limitations due to toxicity and therapeutic resistance.

    • Pau Castel
    • Eneda Toska
    • Maurizio Scaltriti
    Review Article
  • Passaro and colleagues discuss recent advances in treating EGFR-mutant lung cancer, including methods for detecting disease and tracking therapy response, developments in understanding of resistance mechanisms and ongoing clinical trials to circumvent therapeutic resistance to EGFR targeting.

    • Antonio Passaro
    • Pasi A. Jänne
    • Solange Peters
    Review Article
  • Kang and colleagues review recent advances and challenges in developing therapies for metastatic cancer and the clinical implications of ongoing and completed studies for metastatic disease.

    • Mark Esposito
    • Shridar Ganesan
    • Yibin Kang
    Review Article
  • Mukhopadhyay, Vander Heiden and McCormick review the metabolic landscape of RAS-driven cancers, the effects of RAS-directed metabolic reprogramming and opportunities for targeting these cancers therapeutically.

    • Suman Mukhopadhyay
    • Matthew G. Vander Heiden
    • Frank McCormick
    Review Article
  • Zitvogel and colleagues discuss the interplay between cancer and COVID-19 with respect to patient risk and prognosis, immune responses and potential therapies.

    • Lisa Derosa
    • Cléa Melenotte
    • Laurence Zitvogel
    Review Article
  • Zhang and Meyerson review exciting advances in methodologies, models and datasets to study noncoding alterations in cancer, new insights into their roles in disease and potential translational implications.

    • Xiaoyang Zhang
    • Matthew Meyerson
    Review Article