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  • Suijkerbuijk et al. summarize the clinical manifestation and classification of immune-related adverse events, discuss the immunopathogenesis of immune-related adverse events and provide key insights into their management and future therapeutic directions.

    • Karijn P. M. Suijkerbuijk
    • Mick J. M. van Eijs
    • Alexander M. M. Eggermont
    Review Article
  • Schulze and colleagues discuss the latest advances in understanding the role of lipids in cancer progression and metastasis and reflect on opportunities to target lipid metabolism in tumors.

    • Felix C. E. Vogel
    • Adriano B. Chaves-Filho
    • Almut Schulze
    Review Article
  • Jaffray and co-authors discuss progress in radiotherapy that has been driven by technological advances and ways to enable broad access to innovative radiation-based treatment modalities by aligning individualized therapy with global access needs.

    • David A. Jaffray
    • Felicia Knaul
    • Mary Gospodarowicz
    Review Article
  • Kimmelman and colleagues discuss the role of autophagy in tumor cells and of cell-nonautonomous autophagy in the microenvironment and host cells in supporting tumor growth and reflect on open questions in the field.

    • Mohamad Assi
    • Alec C. Kimmelman
    Review Article
  • Speiser and colleagues review the latest advances in understanding of the biological roles of CD4+ T cells in cancer immunology and applications for immunotherapy.

    • Daniel E. Speiser
    • Obinna Chijioke
    • Christian Münz
    Review Article
  • In this review article, Christ and colleagues discuss the recent developments in antibody-based cancer therapies.

    • Sacha Zinn
    • Rodrigo Vazquez-Lombardi
    • Daniel Christ
    Review Article
  • Shaw and colleagues discuss the oncogenic roles of ALK in lung cancer, targeting approaches and the mechanisms underlying acquired resistance to ALK-directed therapy.

    • Jaime L. Schneider
    • Jessica J. Lin
    • Alice T. Shaw
    Review Article
  • Samson and Ablasser review the roles of the cGAS–STING pathway in cancer and efforts to target this signaling axis therapeutically.

    • Natasha Samson
    • Andrea Ablasser
    Review Article
  • Brody and colleagues discuss the current status and potential of cancer vaccines, highlighting challenges and opportunities to advance promising candidates to the clinic.

    • Matthew J. Lin
    • Judit Svensson-Arvelund
    • Joshua D. Brody
    Review Article
  • Lavie et al. review the recent advances in the field of cancer-associated fibroblasts, including their tissue-specific complexity and overall plasticity, as revealed by single-cell technologies.

    • Dor Lavie
    • Aviad Ben-Shmuel
    • Ruth Scherz-Shouval
    Review Article