Volume 3 Issue 5, May 2019

Volume 3 Issue 5

Whole-brain optoacoustic imaging of neuronal dynamics

This issue highlights dual positron-emission-tomography–near-infrared probes for the visualization of the trafficking dynamics of a model mRNA vaccine in non-human primates, photoacoustic imaging applied to single-cell intratumoral metabolic heterogeneity and to whole-brain snapshots of neuronal calcium activity in mice, the spectral tracing of glucose metabolism in mice, optoacoustic mesoscopy for biomedicine, and a roadmap for the clinical implementation of optical-imaging biomarkers.

The cover illustrates high-resolution snapshots of neuronal calcium activity across the brain acquired via the optoacoustic imaging of live mice expressing a genetically encoded calcium indicator.

See Gottschalk et al.

Images: Daniel Razansky, University and ETH Zurich. Cover design: Alex Wing.


  • Editorial |

    The development of imaging technology for the quantification of optical biomarkers of pathological processes should involve the validation of the biomarkers’ biological accuracy.

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    The biodistribution of the components of a messenger RNA vaccine following its administration in non-human primates can be non-invasively monitored by labelling the vaccine with a dual radionuclide–near-infrared probe.

    • Sebastian Ols
    •  & Karin Loré
  • News & Views |

    The oxygen consumption rates of single tumour cells can be measured via photoacoustic microscopy, by leveraging haemoglobin as both an oxygen supplier and an oxygen sensor.

    • Alex J. Walsh
    • , Joe T. Sharick
    •  & Melissa C. Skala
  • News & Views |

    Inactivation of the major histocompatibility complex and overexpression of the transmembrane protein CD47 renders induced pluripotent stem cells invisible to the immune system of the host.

    • Tom Shani
    •  & Jacob H. Hanna


  • Perspective |

    This Perspective discusses opportunities and challenges, and proposes a roadmap, for the clinical implementation of optical-imaging biomarkers and technologies for the early detection of cancer.

    • Dale J. Waterhouse
    • , Catherine R. M. Fitzpatrick
    • , Brian W. Pogue
    • , James P. B. O’Connor
    •  & Sarah E. Bohndiek
  • Review Article |

    This Review summarizes the development of optoacoustic imaging with acoustic resolution and wide-bandwidth ultrasound detection, and the applicability of this mesoscopic imaging modality in the label-free visualization of tissue pathophysiology.

    • Murad Omar
    • , Juan Aguirre
    •  & Vasilis Ntziachristos


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