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Volume 2 Issue 11, November 2018

Volume 2 Issue 11

Immunoprotected and unclumped pancreatic islets

This issue includes a Perspective on the design of reproducible preclinical studies with an eye on translatability, and highlights the encapsulation of allogeneic pancreatic islet cells to extend their longevity after implantation, telmisartan prodrugs for the reduction of liver fibrosis, the conjugation of haematopoietic stem cells and anti-PD-1-decorated platelets for treating leukaemia, inhaled bacteriophage-loaded polymeric microparticles for treating lung infections, nanoparticle-mediated mRNA delivery for restoring the growth suppression of prostate tumours, and renal-protective DNA-origami nanostructures.

The cover illustrates a monkey’s omental bursa bearing transplanted allogeneic pancreatic islet cells encapsulated in alginate, which reduces foreign-body responses and extends the cells’ longevity.

See Bochenek et al.

Image: Islet Research Team at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Cover design: Alex Wing.


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