Volume 1 Issue 5, May 2017

Volume 1 Issue 5

Powerful optoacoustic imaging

The May issue highlights the potential of optoacoustic imaging for the diagnosis of skin diseases (ArticleNews & Views) and for whole-body pre-clinical tomography (ArticleNews & Views).

The cover shows an artistic rendering of a cross-section of human skin as imaged by optoacoustic mesoscopy (Article; News & Views).

Image by Juan Aguirre, Mathias Schwarz & Vasilis Ntziachristos (TUM/HMGU); adapted by Karen Moore.


  • Editorial |

    We encourage our authors to display data points in graphs, and to deposit the data in repositories.

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    High-frame-rate, high-resolution photoacoustic computed tomography reveals, for small live animals, the brain's functional connectivity and the dynamics of breathing, blood oxygenation and circulating melanoma cells.

    • Orly Liba
    •  & Adam de la Zerda
  • News & Views |

    A system consisting of an aptamer-based microfluidic biosensor and a simple feedback-control algorithm adjusts therapeutic dosing in near real time in small animals.

    • Rohit Karnik
  • News & Views |

    An intracortical brain–computer interface combined with functional electrical stimulation allows an individual with traumatic spinal cord injury to perform coordinated reaching and grasping movements.

    • Silvestro Micera