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Volume 1 Issue 3, March 2017

Lasting bioelectronic devices

This focus issue highlights engineering advances that lengthen the lifespan of bioelectronics (Editorial, Comment): energy harvesting in the gastrointestinal tract (Article, News & Views), a conformal electromagnetic surface for powering an implanted device (Article, News & Views), and an ultrathin passivating layer for electronic arrays (Article, News & Views).

The cover illustrates an ingestible energy-harvesting electrochemical cell (Article, News & Views).

Image by When I Shoot Your Masterpiece / Diemut Strebe


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  • This Perspective puts forward the concept of medical-device-on-a-chip, that is, a microphysiological system that leverages organ-on-a-chip technology for the development and testing of medical devices.

    • Allan Guan
    • Parisa Hamilton
    • K. Scott Phillips
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