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Volume 1 Issue 10, October 2017

Phenotyping tumour heterogeneity

This issue highlights the analysis of tumour-heterogeneity patterns to stratify patient prognosis, growing paediatric implants, and advances in gastrointestinal motility sensing and in the discovery of peptides that rescue the misfolding of disease-associated proteins.

The cover illustrates patterns of vascular heterogeneity in cleared solid tumours identified through light-sheet microscopy (Article).

Image from Nobuyuki Tanaka and Per Uhlén.


  • When reading or writing about biomedical findings, be mindful of factual accuracy and wary of unapparent caveats.



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News & Views

  • Flexible piezoelectric sensors can detect mechanical deformations in the gastrointestinal tract of ambulating pigs and simultaneously harvest energy from it.

    • Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani
    • Michael C. McAlpine


    News & Views
  • The genetic, epigenetic and transcriptomic profiles of human induced pluripotent stem cells are shaped by the reprogramming route.

    • Thomas F. Allison
    • William E. Lowry
    News & Views
  • High-throughput screening of large libraries of cyclic peptides expressed in bacteria yields rescuers of the pathogenic misfolding of proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

    • Tobias Langenberg
    • Joost Schymkowitz
    • Frederic Rousseau
    News & Views
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