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    The genetic, epigenetic and transcriptomic profiles of human-induced pluripotent stem cells are shaped by the reprogramming route.

    • Thomas F. Allison
    •  & William E. Lowry
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    Light-sheet microscopy reveals 3D tumour heterogeneity in optically cleared paraffin-embedded tumour samples.

    • Boyan K. Garvalov
    •  & Ali Ertürk
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    Flexible piezoelectric sensors can detect mechanical deformations in the gastrointestinal tract of ambulating pigs and simultaneously harvest energy from it.

    • Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani
    •  & Michael C. McAlpine
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    High-throughput screening of large libraries of cyclic peptides expressed in bacteria yields rescuers of the pathogenic misfolding of proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases.

    • Tobias Langenberg
    • , Joost Schymkowitz
    •  & Frederic Rousseau
  • Editorial |

    When reading or writing about biomedical findings, be mindful of factual accuracy and wary of unapparent caveats.

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    Devices made with resorbable polymers and braided materials can accommodate tissue growth in long-bone and heart-valve animal models.

    • Scott J. Hollister
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    Causing nanoscale vibrations in bone-marrow stromal cells embedded in a soft collagen gel induces the cells to undergo osteogenic differentiation and mineralization via mechanosensitive signalling pathways.

    • Jeroen Eyckmans
    •  & Christopher S. Chen
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    A dendrimer that depletes bioavailable copper as a result of its internal make-up displays powerful anticancer activity in mice, and no observable adverse effects.

    • Zhenbin Lyu
    •  & Ling Peng
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    Laser light emitted by fluorescently stained human tissue inside a laser cavity can be used to diagnose cancer.

    • Matjaž Humar
  • Comment |

    Interventional healthcare will evolve from an artisanal craft based on the individual experiences, preferences and traditions of physicians into a discipline that relies on objective decision-making on the basis of large-scale data from heterogeneous sources.

    • Lena Maier-Hein
    • , Swaroop S. Vedula
    • , Stefanie Speidel
    • , Nassir Navab
    • , Ron Kikinis
    • , Adrian Park
    • , Matthias Eisenmann
    • , Hubertus Feussner
    • , Germain Forestier
    • , Stamatia Giannarou
    • , Makoto Hashizume
    • , Darko Katic
    • , Hannes Kenngott
    • , Michael Kranzfelder
    • , Anand Malpani
    • , Keno März
    • , Thomas Neumuth
    • , Nicolas Padoy
    • , Carla Pugh
    • , Nicolai Schoch
    • , Danail Stoyanov
    • , Russell Taylor
    • , Martin Wagner
    • , Gregory D. Hager
    •  & Pierre Jannin
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    Microchips embedding a magnetic sensor and a radiofrequency transmitter can be localized in the body of a mouse at submillimetre resolution when under a magnetic field.

    • Yong Lin Kong
    •  & Giovanni Traverso
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    Exosomes expressing CD47 and loaded with interfering RNA dodge phagocytosis and accumulate in pancreatic tumours to silence the expression of the oncogene Kras in mice, with remarkable therapeutic efficacy.

    • Sander A. A. Kooijmans
    • , Pieter Vader
    •  & Raymond M. Schiffelers
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    High-frequency transcranial electric-field oscillations stimulate neural circuits in the deep brain.

    • Alexander Opitz
    •  & William J. Tyler
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    Uniform iron oxide nanoparticles with a hydrodynamic diameter of about 12 nm offer high biocompatibility and diagnostic yield as contrast agents for the magnetic resonance imaging of large animals.

    • Ali Yilmaz
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    A new microsensor can simultaneously track drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and the resulting electrophysiological activity in live animals.

    • Chunyan Li
    •  & Raj K. Narayan
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    The ability to release an anaesthetic from liposomes by applying ultrasound opens up the possibility of managing localized pain on-demand.

    • Patrick Couvreur
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    Depletion of tumour-associated platelets improves the delivery of anticancer drugs.

    • Abdullah Muhammad Syed
    • , Shrey Sindhwani
    •  & Warren C. W. Chan
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    Cellular biophysical features are identified as predictive biomarkers of ageing.

    • Xiao Dong
    •  & Jan Vijg
  • Editorial |

    When comparing journals using citation-based metrics, the percentage of highly cited papers is more informative than the average number of citations.

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    Implanted scaffolds bearing 3D-printed parallel endothelialized channels restore blood perfusion in ischaemic hind limbs and infarcted hearts in rodents.

    • Shahar Ben-Shaul
    • , Shira Landau
    •  & Shulamit Levenberg