Bioelectronic devices


Editorial | 09 March 2017

Durable miniaturized bioelectronics

Advances in materials science and engineering enable ever-smaller and more reliable bioelectronic devices.


Comment | 09 March 2017

The quest for miniaturized soft bioelectronic devices

Soft integrated electronics packaged with miniaturized modules for wireless power and data transfer are opening up new opportunities for long-term health monitoring and therapy.

Jaemin Kim , Roozbeh Ghaffari  &  Dae-Hyeong Kim

News & Views

News and Views | 09 March 2017

Bioelectronic devices: Gut-powered ingestible biosensors​

A biosensing device that harvests energy from fluids in the gut is able to wirelessly transmit measurements from the gastrointestinal tract of pigs for over six days.

Arianna Menciassi

News and Views | 09 March 2017

Bioelectronic devices: Wirelessly powered implants

Phased-array antennas that conform to body surfaces efficiently transfer electromagnetic energy to miniaturized semiconductor devices implanted in pigs.

Jordan Thimot  &  Kenneth L. Shepard

News and Views | 09 March 2017

Bioelectronic devices: Long-lived recordings

A silicon dioxide passivation layer dramatically lengthens the operational lifetime of flexible electronic arrays for cardiac electrophysiology.

Menahem Y. Rotenberg  &  Bozhi Tian


Article | 06 February 2017

Prolonged energy harvesting for ingestible devices

A biocompatible, energy-harvesting electrochemical cell delivers power to a wireless sensor for an average of 6.1 days of temperature measurements in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs.

Phillip Nadeau , Dina El-Damak […]  &  Giovanni Traverso

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Article | 06 March 2017

Conformal phased surfaces for wireless powering of bioelectronic microdevices

A phased electromagnetic surface that conforms to the body surface can regulate cardiac rhythm in a porcine model through the wireless transmission of power to miniaturized semiconductor devices implanted at depths of over 4 cm.

Devansh R. Agrawal , Yuji Tanabe […]  &  John S. Ho

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Article | 01 March 2017

Capacitively coupled arrays of multiplexed flexible silicon transistors for long-term cardiac electrophysiology​

Capacitive coupling between tissue and flexible integrated electronics through a sealing dielectric layer facilitates long-term electrophysiology measurements, as demonstrated in ex vivo Langendorff heart models.

Hui Fang , Ki Jun Yu […]  &  John A. Rogers

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