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  • Naturally perceived thermal sensations can be evoked as though originating from a prosthetic limb by taking advantage of sensory reinnervation of the residual limb after amputation.

    • Max Ortiz-Catalan
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  • Genetic and cellular drivers of the cellular uptake of SARS-CoV-2 can be screened at high throughput via droplet microfluidics and size-exclusion methods for the analysis of the formation of fusions between cells expressing the virus’s spike protein and cells expressing the protein’s receptor.

    • Alexis Autour
    • Christoph A. Merten
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  • Photoacoustic tomography can image fast haemodynamics by either exploiting the spatial heterogeneity of blood or by leveraging a single laser pulse and a single element functioning as thousands of virtual detectors.

    • Rongkang Gao
    • Zhiqiang Xu
    • Chengbo Liu
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  • Humanized versions of antibodies with enhanced stability can be designed via the systematic energy-based ranking of computationally grafted non-human complementarity-determining regions onto thousands of human frameworks.

    • Alissa M. Hummer
    • Charlotte M. Deane
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  • The discovery of antibodies that bind with high affinity to clinically relevant antigens can be sped up by leveraging next-generation sequencing to screen hundreds of millions of antibody–antigen interactions.

    • Timothy A. Whitehead
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  • Sensing changes in ionic current as barcoded DNA translocates through solid-state nanopores allows the study of how nucleotide sequences alter the DNA-binding specificity of the catalytically inactive Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complex.

    • Weihua Guan
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  • The on-target off-tumour toxicities of T-cell-engaging bispecific antibodies in patients can be captured in intestinal organoids derived from the patients’ biopsied tissue and supplemented with immune cells.

    • Marta Buzzetti
    • Marco Gerlinger
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  • An intravenous needle that undergoes a temperature-responsive shape change by softening on insertion into the body may induce less trauma than commercial devices for intravenous access.

    • Eoin D. O’Cearbhaill
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  • Base editors can restore the expression of survival motor neuron protein to therapeutically beneficial levels in animal and cell models of spinal muscular atrophy.

    • Andrew Portell
    • Prashant Mali
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  • Barcoding cells with microparticles that emit near-infrared laser enables the use of flow cytometry to track the dynamics of single cells by using more markers and fewer colours.

    • Enrico Lugli
    • Mario Roederer
    • Rosa Sottile
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  • Leveraging the expertise of physicians to identify medically meaningful features in ‘counterfactual’ images produced via generative machine learning facilitates the auditing of the inference process of medical-image classifiers, as shown for dermatology images.

    • Oran Lang
    • Ilana Traynis
    • Yun Liu
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  • DNA-based molecular computation allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple types of biomarker, as shown for the accurate identification of prostate cancer in serum samples on the basis of specific RNAs, proteins and small molecules.

    • Lu Yu
    • Hao Yan
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  • The optogenetic stimulation of pancreatic cholinergic signalling in insulin-deficient mice enhances the glucose-stimulated secretion of insulin and β cell proliferation.

    • Maria Jimenez-Gonzalez
    • Sarah Stanley
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  • Intravital microscopy reveals that the transmission of solid stresses within tumours depends on tumour size and on the tumour microenvironment.

    • Bashar Emon
    • M. Taher A. Saif
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  • Allometric tissue-scale stresses at an implant’s surface trigger pathological foreign-body responses, mediated by the activation of mechanoresponsive myeloid cells, that increase exponentially with body size.

    • Georgios Theocharidis
    • Aristidis Veves
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  • In breast cancer metastasized to bone, the mineralization of collagen regulates integrin-mediated mechanosignalling, inducing a less proliferative phenotype in breast cancer cells.

    • Cheyenne Ernst
    • Hai Wang
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  • The physical phenotypes of malignant cells in tissue biopsies can be rapidly characterized at high throughput via deformability cytometry after singularizing the cells into a suspension by using a tissue grinder.

    • Dino Di Carlo
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  • An integrated array of sensors can be seamlessly incorporated into a generic earphone, for the simultaneous monitoring of electrophysiological and electrochemical signals.

    • Xiao Xiao
    • Yihao Zhou
    • Jun Chen
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  • During radiotherapy, an X-ray dosimeter in the gastrointestinal tract allows for the real-time monitoring of the absolute absorbed radiation dose alongside changes in pH and temperature, as shown in rabbits.

    • Louis Archambault
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