Bioelectronic sutures for the wireless monitoring of deep wounds

The October issue highlights surgical sutures incorporating wirelessly operated pledgets for the monitoring of deep surgical sites.


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  • The newest strategies for delivering therapeutics to specific cells and tissues are increasingly translationally promising.

  • Biomedical research needs upgraded standards for the monitoring, control and reporting of the environmental conditions of cells in culture.

  • The proposal for an Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) being considered by the United States Congress is bold and necessary, yet will require unrelenting focus, independence and a measured risk-taking culture.

  • In machine learning applied to healthcare, challenges with the data stand between feasibility testing and clinically robust deployments.

Straddling the life sciences, the physical sciences and engineering, the journal publishes biological, medical and engineering advances — technological, translational, methodological or fundamental — that can directly inspire or lead to improvements in human health.
Straddling the life sciences, the physical sciences and engineering, Nature Biomedical Engineering covers materials, therapies and devices for understanding, diagnosing or improving human health across clinical settings and healthcare contexts. The journal appeals to bench scientists, clinicians and engineers interested in understanding or combating disease.
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